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The New York Times – 14 Novbember 2015
Steely Veteran of the Sea to Make a Voyage Home


Saying Goodbye to Peking —
Windjammer Leaves South Street for the Last Time
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This morning, the 1911 built, steel, four masted barque, Peking, left South Street Seaport, its home for more than 40 years, for the last time. For those of us who have known the ship for almost as long, it was both a sad and joyous day. The South Street Seaport Museum lacked the resources and even the berth space to support the Peking.

The museum worked very hard to find a good home for the historic ship and they succeeded. Sometime next Spring, the grand old ship will be carried on a heavy lift ship back to Hamburg, Germany, its  original home port and the city where it was built 105 years ago.  In the mean time, Peking has been moved to Caddell Dry Dock in Staten Island to be made ready for the voyage home

Peking will be restored in Germany and serve as the centerpiece of a new Hamburg harbor museum for which the German government has allocated 120 million euros. A reported 30 million euros have been allocated to transport and restore the Peking.

Arrival at the ship yard PETERS for an overhaul
02. August 2017

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